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Posted 05/17/06

Naughty Allie Stripping Off bikini Outdoors







One of my biggest turn-ons is getting totally nude outdoors. I find it especially erotic if there is a risk of being caught standing there in nothing but my birthday suit. Being nude in public gets my juices flowing because I know at anytime a total stranger may stumble upon my naughty escapades.

What makes it so erotic for me is thinking the mysterious stranger would also be turned on by finding me standing there butt naked. Sometimes the fantasy involves a really hot busty blonde girl and other times it’s a handsome muscular guy who also turns out to be very well-hung.

I took these photos on a hiking trail in Hawaii. The trail was so close to the road that you could actually hear the cars going by. As I stood there with the warmth of the sun hitting my bare shoulders I began to have a fantasy about a well built guy stumbling upon me on the trail.

As he came down the trail he saw me standing there totally nude. He was wearing nothing more than a pair of shorts and jogging shoes. His arms and chest were very muscular and he had ripped abs. Although he had just come around the corner I could see that he was already beginning to develop quite a bulge in his shorts.

His obvious arousal caused me to get wet inside. I walked up to him and without saying a word I pulled his shorts down around his ankles as I dropped to my knees where I was met face to cock by a huge raging hardon. I wrapped my lips around my new found friend and began sucking him off. I could feel his cock beginning to pulse inside my mouth as if he was going to cum.

I immediately removed my lips from his prick as I looked up at him and said, “There’s no way in hell you’re cumming until you have properly serviced my soaking wet pussy.” He started to say something as I stood up but I placed my hand over his mouth and looked him right in the eye and said, “Shut up and just give me a good hard fucking and be on your way!”

I turned and faced away from him as I pushed my ass into his groin. I reached around and grabbed his cock and guided it into my already slick hole. The head of his dick had barely passed by my dripping wet pussy lips when he began thrusting in and out of my hole like a wild animal.

It was so incredible to be standing there naked on a public trail being fucked by a total stranger! This stud continued fucking me harder and harder. He was slamming into me so hard that I could barely keep my balance. All of the sudden he grabbed me by the waist and buried his entire shaft as deep as he possibly could.

He began grunting and pulling me tighter to his body in an attempt to penetrate me to the maximum possible depths. The next thing I know I felt him explode inside me. He just kept cumming, spurt after spurt after spurt as he filled my eagerly awaiting hole with his seed. He continued pumping me full of cum and I began to feel the warmth of his man juice running down the inside of my thighs.

Just then I heard Jake say, “Allie, hello Allie are you there?” Apparently I had gotten so into my little fantasy that I had totally zoned out and I didn’t even realize that Jake had been calling my name. I snapped out of it as Jake shot a few more pics of me standing there completely naked. By this point I realized that the warmth I felt running down my legs wasn’t the jizz from my fantasy man it was actually my own juices. I was so fucking horny that I had to be fucked bad! I grabbed the camera from Jake, pushed him back onto the ground and rode his cock to orgasm in less than 2 minutes!

~Kisses, Allie


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